NEW Pay Fixation 2019, 2020 and 2021Kerala Software Ver. 2.1 P for Individual revision Download LINK 1

NEW Pay Revision 2014 2015 Kerala Software Ver.3.2 for Individual Fixation and 3.50 for group fixation upto 200 officers and teachers BETA Download LINK 1
Pay Fixation Software 2014 and 2015 (NEW) by Shijoy James Ver 3.2 for Individual Fixation BETA Download LINK 2
Pay Fixation Software 2014 and 2015 (NEW) by Shijoy James Ver 3.50 Group Fixation upto 200 Teachers ,Officers and staff simultaneously BETA Download LINK 3
For previous Pay Revision 2011 as per GO (P) 85/2011 dtd. 26-02-2011 for Kerala pay revision 2009 Software Ver.3.90 BETA Download LINK 1
Pay Revision 2014 Kerala Software Ver 3.21 BETA VERSION Download LINK 4
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Download the software for fixation of Pay in 2015 as per Pay Revision of Kerala Government Employees as per the report of 10th Pay Revision Commission Kerala - PRC Kerala 2014- here.

If you are not getting it from LINK 1, try LINK 2
Please visit website regularly to get the latest updated version, with the errors rectified uptodate.

New version with the Government order as per PRC 2014 recommendations will be releasing soon... !!!with detailed corrected arrears , suitable for submission o Treasury, where SPARK is not active

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Pay Revision 2011 Kerala Software Ver 3.90 BETA Download LINK 1
Pay Revision 2015 as per PRC report 2014 Kerala Software Ver 2.10 BETA Download LINK 2
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